Phil Circle is looking back to move forward with his digital release of “Guilty/Not Guilty,” a chronological collection of Phil’s work over 25 years as a musician. The album features 31 songs from various phases of Circle’s career marking the 25th anniversary of his 1994 debut EP release, “Four Days Later,” that grew into the full length critically acclaimed album “Extenuating Circumstances” with his band, Guilty. This new project features songs that are currently unavailable or have never before been digitally released.


“Guilty/Not Guilty” is a lesson in vulnerability from a man who has made a career bearing his soul with his voice and guitar. The project offers a rare look into the songwriter’s process. Giving a glimpse of what did not fit in previously released projects, Circle shows that each album is more than just that collection of songs. It is a glimpse and snapshot of an artist’s life at that time, filled with stories that sometimes are never told. For Circle, the release offers a chance to tell those stories and more.

Guilty/Not Guilty - Phil Circle (2020) Download

    1. Pandora's Box
    2. If Another Day Goes By
    3. Lyin' Again
    4. Any Worth At All
    5. Uncut Love
    6. Let It Pour
    7. For You
    8. Can't Take Anymore
    9. Execpt for Today
    10. Better Way
    11. Breathe
    12. Won't Get Fooled Again (Live on WZRD)
    13. Livin' Life (Live on WZRD)
    14. Pandora's Box (Live on WZRD)
    15. Execpt for Today (Live on WZRD)
    16. She Did (Unreleased)
    17. Lyin' Again (Live at Hard Rock Cafe)
    18. No Cover Charge (Live at Gateway)
    19. Halfway Down (Live at Gateway)
    20. Barely Standing (Unreleased)
    21. The Life of Any Man (Unreleased)
    22. The Words That She Said (Unreleased)
    23. No Cover Charge (Unreleased)
    24. All Along (Unreleased)
    25. There's A River (Acoustic)
    26. Ship to Cross (Live at CDBaby DIY)
    27. It's Just Me (No Vox)
    28. Simple (No Vox)
    29. One More Man (No Vox)
    30. Lava (No Vox)
    31. Like A Hammer (No Vox)


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