On October 28th, 2018, a comfortable Sunday evening in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, Phil Circle played an opening set for Scottish alt blues artist and old pal, Dave Arcari. They streamed it live. This is that set. Since they opened in 1991, Phil Circle has been a regular at Uncommon Ground and has been repeatedly bootlegged from the board, but this set is official: Phil Circle solo live at Uncommon Ground knocking through 45 minutes of his music and spanning decades of recordings, he demonstrates why his prolific songwriting and energetic live performance make him "a staple of Chicago music" (Center Stage)

Live at Uncommon Ground - Phil Circle (2018)

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    1. Down to the Sea
    2. Altitude
    3. Backing Down
    4. Ship to Cross
    5. Angel
    6. What I Mean
    7. If Another Day Goes By
    8. Lyin' Again
    9. No Cover Charge
    10. Halfway Down
    11. Surreal Life