Minutes To Circle full band album (CD) by Phil Circle. 2009.


Hailed by Chicago media as "proof that (Circle) still has something to say" and calling him "one of our town's most unique voices," this first full band album since his live 2000 Guilty: Live on WZRD, clearly states the variety of styles that Circle is capable of writing in and performing.


With country, progressive blues, Irish traditional and drinking tunes, straight forward guitar rock, Latinesque rock, jazz, and pop-rock, one of the earliest observations about Circle's music by In The Mix Magazine in 1997 holds true; That he "defies rock, jazz, and blues." And yet, by all counts, his music contains a thread of Circle's own vocal, guitar, and lyrical styles.


For Chicago residents, the cover is an inside joke that no longer rings true. The interstate highway system that converges in downtown Chicago was once called The Circle Interchange and signs over the highway (like the one pictured and altered for this album cover) would tell you how many "minutes to Circle." Nowadays, it's called the Byrne Interchange after Chicago's first female mayor, Jane Byrne. (1979-83)

Minutes to Circle - Phil Circle (2009)

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