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More About Us

Finding Your Creative Voice by Sharing Ours

Every coach at Phil Circle Music is dedicated to helping you find your creative voice and reach your highest potential. We're all professional musicians with a love for the art of music and the rewards of teaching. We bring all of our own experiences with us on the journey we take with you.

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Our Story

Phil Circle Began teaching music in 1993 in the classroom and private lessons. The first thing he realized was how much he still didn't know about this thing he loved called music. Before his first year of teaching was up, he was enrolled full time in Columbia College Chicago for a degree in Music. While there, he worked for the founder of the music department, William Russo, who also mentored him. As he built on his budding music career and completed his degree, he began to realize the tremendous power of mentoring as a means to coach musical artists. Just inputting information is fine for computing, but human creativity needs information that's as dynamic and adaptable as the person whose receiving it.

This led Phil to his proven method of music coaching.

Fast forward to COVID.

As lockdowns ended, Phil reopened his teaching studio and brought on other professional musicians to join him in creating the school you see now. Come join us in our journey toward making the world a better place one song at a time.

Meet The Team

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John G, Chicago

“Are you kidding me? Who's still trying to figure out how great Phil Circle is at what he does?"

Khalfani M, Chicago

"Phil pushes me beyond my boundaries in both singing and life. He makes me better."

Amanda O, California

“Extremely knowledgeable in many aspects of music, but also has an excellent manner of combining the technical with the creative aspects. If you want someone to help expand your skill and creative voice, I highly recommend Phil.”
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